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North Grove Elementary School

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Indianapolis Childrens Choir ICC

Indianapolis Children's Choir (ICC) 

Do you love singing and wish you could have more of it in your life?!? The Indianapolis Children's Choir is an amazing, locally-grown, and world-renowned organization that helps children create high quality, meaningful, and fun experiences in a choral setting. Though ICC has choirs that meet weekly on the campus of Butler University, they also have two Johnson County Regional Choirs: one for students between 1st and 3rd grades and one for students between 4th and 8th grade. The choirs meet at Center Grove Church on Monday nights with the Preparatory Choir (1st-3rd) meeting from 5:00-6:00 and the 4th-8th grade choir meeting from  6:00-7:15. Both choirs are now accepting new singers, so if interested, contact the Johnson County Regional director, Melissa Garcia, at or register online at the Indianapolis Children's Choirs' website. If you are interested in auditioning for some of the more advanced choirs that meet at Butler or checking out the Jubilate Choir for children with special needs, be sure to check out the ICC website! Scholarships and carpool groups are resources available to you should you need them!  
Grades 1-3 Preparatory Choir Flyer 
Grades 4-8 Regional Choir Flyer 
Grades 3-9 Jubilate Choir for Students with Specials Needs Flyer and Letter