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Musical Links and Sites

Click on this link to practice music vocabulary terms that will help you be successful today, in middle school, and beyond!

  • Quaver Music Website

    The Quaver music site allows students to explore new musical genres, travel back in time to learn about the greats of music history, compose drum beats and symphonies, and play games and win prizes. This interactice website is a wonderful way to more personally explore the amazing world of music! Best of all, it's free! 
  • Music Tech Teacher

    Created by Alabama music teacher, Ms. K. Garrett, this site includes many fun games and quizzes you can use to practice and show off your musical skills.  
  • Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids

    Visit this wonderful symphony website to learn more about your favorite instruments and what they sound like as well as different composers, their lives, and accomplishments. You can learn more about music theory, play musical games, and even learn how to make instruments at home!
  • Carnegie Hall: The Young Person's Guide to the Symphony

    Help Violet and her friends on a quest to find and recover all of the instruments of the orchestra and prepare yourself for adventure! You can save your progress and play on multiple computers with a free log in or you can play without logging in from your home computer.